Benzino who is he dating

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The magazine's annual awards show, known as The Source Awards, honors both hip-hop and R&B performers for their contributions to hip-hop.The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest award given to an emcee who has contributed his/her time to succeeding in the hip-hop music industry.The Source is a United States-based monthly full-color magazine covering hip-hop music, politics, and culture, founded in 1988.It is the world's longest running rap periodical, being founded as a newsletter in 1988.So this is what happens when a man shows loyalty to his so called bro huh?All I did was stick up and protect the woman I fell in love with.” He continues, “So the WILD DRUGGED OUT ANIMAL GETS TO STAY BUT ME AND THI GET FIRED???

If you take me and thi and mimi out of the show last season, WHAT WOULD BE THEIR STORYLINE???? ” Benzino isn’t taking the firing sitting down, “OH THIS IS FAR FROM BEING OVER!!! SHOUTS TO EVERYBODY WHO BEEN ROCKIN WIT ME SINCE SEASON 1!For his part, Eminem did not deny making the tapes; he claimed that he made them after a bitter break up with a black girlfriend (a situation upon which he elaborates on "Yellow Brick Road" on his Encore album).He apologized for making the tapes but also exhorted the public to consider the origin of the allegations.The pair, along with Sundy and her ex Cedric, are both on the new season.Apparently, back in the day, Sundy and Benzino had some sort of relationship (or situationship — our guess is we’ll find out on the show).

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#THIANDZFORLIFE.”He goes on to slam Joseline, claiming she was threatening Althea’s life way back before the reunion brawl.