Building and updating map caches with arcgis server 10

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If you can get away with using them, you may save much time and resources.

The disadvantage of using someone else's tiles is that you cannot guarantee the accuracy or currency of the data.

By doing so, you are requesting that the server only pre-create tiles that cover those urban areas.

The rest of the areas can be cached on demand when requested by clients.

They include Arc GIS Online, Bing Maps, and Google Maps.

The companies who have built these caches have spent many thousands of dollars and hours collecting the data (often competing against each other for the best quality), building the tiles, and purchasing the hardware to serve them out in a rapid way.

I'm running Arc GIS Server 10.1 on a Windows box on Amazon, via remote desktop.

This could take days or weeks to build, and could require terabytes of disk space.One time-saving option is to cache or re-cache your map service at a specific extent, which is great when you are only updating one area of your map, or when your detailed data/imagery does not cover the full extent of your map.When you are ready to create your map cache in Arc Catalog, and you have set your tiling scheme and image settings, click the “Create Tiles…” button (Note: this button will say “Update Tiles” if the map service is already cached) This will launch the “Manage Map Server Cache Tiles” window, in which you have the option to choose a dataset to set the Update Extent (circled in red, below), or manually enter the Top, Bottom, Left and Right extents (circled in blue, below). (Only tiles will be deleted and not the cache folder structure.Even if you were successful at building such a cache, would you be able to do it again if the source data were updated?This section of the lesson discusses strategic approaches for building large caches.

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