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However, Ashworth’s online design prevented that from occurring. First and foremost, read, read, read, any college catalog prior to applying. Call colleges and talk specifically with the admissions, copy all classes that you would need to transfer from one college to the next.

I also graduated from James Madison high school in 09, which is their (RA) online high school. You will have fewer courses to take when entering into a B. Majority of college websites have a transfer credit listing and associated colleges to which they accept.

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Additionally, you will discover that their books are used in many certification courses. Case in point during after class hours instructors were looking for students to help in projects with small resources. College accepted that I was a student through Ashworth and needed the knowledge.

Although most FPC hire instructors that are well paid in the private sector for leading application/standardization to provide excellent workforce application.All this program consists of are PDF files you read through and a 20 question multiple choice test at the end. Spend a day volunteering at a clinic and you will learn more than this entire course.You can take the test up to three times, and it is open book. I have hands on experience in an animal hospital and was hoping to learn more in depth about what the vet assistants are doing. I attended Ashworth before I read reviews and clearly that was a mistake.I am currently working in a field that is related to my degree, which in itself is unusually. At a later point I started reviewing each college for the best options and transfer credits before filing one admission form and starting classes (the ominous catch all from admissions "sure they will transfer no problems! Another item that helped after I attended Ashworth and attending other colleges is if you feel hands on training is not sufficient for the course, contact a local college and/or apply for student work towards the field of study, or outside agency.I find myself referring back to my past textbooks often. By large a vast majority of students have taken small internships or work programs through vendors to help build a foundation to what you are learning.

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