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) DR 10641 HALLINES, HP in crest DR 10617 (HAL) LINES DR 10601 H. (Hallines) DR 10553 HALLINES, EP DR 10486 HUDELIST DR 10328 HL DR 10305 …DELIST…There surely exist more than these 14 drawings that carry a watermark, but these have not yet been identified.Taking into account that the Daumier Register by now found more than 1000 additional drawings compared to the existing work catalogues, the number of those carrying a watermark still seems to be negligible.

One of our Daumier friends in Germany inspected volume I of “LE CHARIVARI” at the library of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main that owns almost all Charivari volumes.Some authors pointed out that high quality paper would have been too expensive for him.For his numerous sketches Daumier mainly used “scrap paper or left-overs”.The censor’s ban and order to destroy DR39 applied not only to the single sheet prints but also to specimen prints.As a consequence all specimens that had not yet left the printer’s premises were destroyed.

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The reason of this assumption being that the text au verso is identical with the text on page 4 of specimens nr.1 and nr.10 in the Charivari volume 1 of Frankfurt University.