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Dating in my 50’s is a whole different story than when I was younger in my 20’s and dating, as I’m sure my other single 50’s friends will agree.It’s a whole new ball game, some good and some not so great.I first did online dating in the early 2000’s and then again 3 years ago.I think more relationships than ever start online these days!I’ve heard from so many of you over the last 5 years since my divorce who had similar situations to mine.Divorce is painful and can be devastating as mine was for me, but it’s not the end of the world.

I’ve been very happy and content the last 5 years, but still didn’t want to be alone forever.

I have several single girlfriends that I have hung out with the last 5 years since my divorce and it’s so nice to have other friends who are in the same situation to talk things over with.

They understand what it’s like to date at this age and try to find a good relationship out there.

Getting it right the first time was not the way life happened for me and I imagine for many of you as well.

I didn’t get the results of what I expected to get earlier in my life and life doesn’t always turn out the way we hope, dream, and plan.

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Today’s post will be about dating in your 50’s and I’ll share my experience with it, since I’m sure there are many of you who are single and want to get out there dating again.

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