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Personally, I am absolutely delighted by the tan tights revival.

As a natural blonde with skin so pale it appears blue in certain lights, I am depressingly familiar with the how-best-to-hide-my-pasty-legs-in-summer dilemma.

She derived the names from lord of the rings when one of the Elves were talking.

today's grandparents are coming up with new names in droves!

Alvin and Butter-butt: My daughters started calling my father Alvin because they thought he had puffy cheeks like Alvin the singing chipmunk.

We always called my grandmother Babchi (bop-chee) or Baba (Bah-bah) and my grandfather was Dadju (Dah-jooh).

I was always told that Baba was Ukrainian and Babchi was Russian. When our first g-child was born, we pondered, as Busia (which signifies "old" to me) and Bunia were taken.

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Using smart robotic features, it can monitor vital signs, filter the air for contaminants, and communicate with the outside world very easily.'It was initially approved by the State of Virginia as a 'temporary family health-care structures' since it contains surveillance cameras and the technological capabilities to allow for remote monitoring of the resident.