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We did consider other restaurants, and when we re-test all this food (as we undoubtedly will) we’ll certainly expand the reach of this project to many other establishments.We also reserved two complete testing sets for swabbing/testing the facility and samples of all clean equipment before any food was present, and another for a final test, conducted under the exact same conditions on a “Healthy Choice” frozen Shrimp Dinner, with creamy sauce (which the ingredient label states contained shellfish, eggs and cream). We pull out all the stops to test 17 LA area vegan restaurants for non-vegan ingredients, and to find out why seven of them failed miserably.NOTE: Please see update regarding Green Leaves Vegan here UPDATE: Please check out the follow-up post from today when you’ve read this. From Pure Luck to Green Leaves, Vegan House to Vegan Plate and Rosemead to Taipei we pull back the covers on the seedy world of vegan restaurants, and an international supply chain that pumps eggs and milk into our supposedly vegan food on a daily basis.

So, we set about choosing a variety of restaurants in the LA area.This process was repeated at 17 restaurants, and for 21 individual food items within a 24-hour period.We cannot stress enough how many precautions were taken to ensure that the food was tested under the most stringent conditions.Indeed, our testing standards met or exceeded the standards of the California Retail Food Code, sections 113982, 113986. Wishbone was to obtain could positively identify three common non-vegan allergens (hen’s egg, milk protein (casein), shell-fish), and were highly sensitive (down to parts per million, which explains our intense focus on process and hygiene), so we targeted food items that contained vegan “cheese”, vegan “fish” (including shellfish and non-shellfish), creamy sauces, breads and stuff that had an expanded, sweet, crispy or bubbly texture (often created using eggs as binders in the cooking process).The Restaurants Here is a list of the restaurants and menu items we were able to successfully order, store and test under our stringent conditions.

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Using assumed names and decoy telephone numbers, we systematically called up each restaurant and ordered the food for take-out.