Santak c1kva online dating

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Santak c1kva online dating

Strong anti-jamming Against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, Castle series UPS to follow international standards EN50091-2 and IEC61000-4 series of standard design, use UPS to effectively improve the security and reliability.Can be used with generators A broad input voltage and frequency range, so that the castle with major brand campaign with the use of generators, the use of a more extended time, in addition to generators at the same time effectively to the adverse by the electricity load to provide clean, safe and stable power supply.Fire Wire input and detection In order to avoid the city, UPS Fire Wire input, Fan Jie, Hills C1 ~ 3K (S) machines with zero Fire Wire Fanjie detection.Bypass output humanity In order to avoid Hills users to work at UPS BYPASS MODE not use the boot, causing electricity interruption, UPS and equipment have abnormal shutdown.Long-acting power supply design Castle to provide a comprehensive series of UPS aircraft for long-term user.Targeting the right batteries, so that users can use the time to discharge up to about eight hours to meet the environmental requirements of different power grids.We are currently the only UPS Manufacturer with complete product seriation, which is the one of the world's largest manufacturers in the power supply field. We also can get the franchised dealer for SANTAK and APC Brand UPS in Gzcanton.and help our clients to solve all power project problems.

Customers have other special needs, can directly contact the Hills company.

Long-term capacity-powerful charge Castle UPS series of long-term extension in addition to discharge time, the ability to charge the battery back strong, can provide about 7 ~ 8 A of the initial charge current.

Self Check Castle series UPS can to simulate the power, entered the battery power mode, this feature will not only through the panel on the implementation of the self-test button at any time, can also meet Hill special monitoring software, according to a regular or occasional basis.

Chúng tôi tự hào là nhà phân phối sản phẩm bộ lưu điện santak với hơn 5 năm kinh nghiệm, tạo được uy tín trên thị trường, luôn mang đến sản phẩm và dịch vụ tốt nhất cho khách hàng.

Hiện nay trên thị trường có rất nhiều các dòng UPS với chất lượng và giá thanh khác nhau nhưng một số hãng tại thị trường việt nam được sử dụng nhiều và ứng dụng trong văn phòng, công nghiệp hiện nay như: Santak, APC, Eaton, Hyundai, Makelsan, Up Selec, Maruson ...

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