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Sex in camping tent

Either zip your sleeping bags together or put one underneath for added padding and insulation and one on top for warmth.Bring a lantern or battery-powered twinkle lights for some mood lighting.Outdoor meal kit, , Snug Sack Spooning is permitted.Pick bags with opposing zippers so you can zip the bags together.If you absolutely need to zip up for warmth, you can still play footsie through the bags.

Sleeping pads are also very important—push the pads together to give yourselves as much padded space as possible.

Storm Warning True, you want to set up camp near trees, but don't pitch your tent directly beneath one.

Ever heard of avoiding trees during a lightning storm? Hang toothpaste with food on a branch where they can't reach. Here are some camping essentials that won't weigh you down.

Aim for 10 feet off the ground and 10 feet out from the trunk. Not-so-lean Cuisine Ditch the marshmallow on the stick and make a nice meal out of it.

Hobo pie iron, , Meals on Wheels Pack this for picnicking out by the campfire.

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Dry your bag on the lowest setting with a tennis ball or (clean) shoe inside the dryer to knock the down back into shape. A pack of unscented baby wipes will make post-sex cleanup a breeze, which will be especially nice if you don’t have access to a shower.