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As some of those perverts with the really out there request may call in and enjoy and get themselves where they want to be via conversation and when they feel complete it keeps them from going out on the street and doing it for real.( And no I am not at all saying some of the thoughts or fantasy is right or correct by any means at all) And I am not trying to sell it to all to like it.Almost anyone can make themselves sound friendly and or nice. And the next and last best thing about working for the adult industry is, it is one of the least effected markets out there due to our bad economy. But it is not so bad either if its keeping some of the people to the actual fantasy rather than reality.And somewhat keeping the rate of disease being transmitted and passed.Free Chat Line is better in my opinion though it has an endless message at the beginning.Hi Forum, I am wanting to make new friends and maybe go for drinks. Call me @ 619.377.0173 (days) and 320.299.4164 (nights) but always available to meet from either number.I left a message, telling him who I was and that my cock needed his plump Italian lips wrapped around it.

I would never call anyone who was that desperate, anyway - especially when the numbers listed in R11 allow for people to talk to each other anonymously. Phone sex lines are just what they are called, phone sex lines.That part of the whole thing is more than depressing. Have had a few toe-curling orgasms talking to some of the guys on the Manhole.I've done the same thing (called into str8 lines) and noticed the same thing - a disturbing number of men seem to get into underage girls. Numbers: GAY: The Manhole (all gay) 218-936-8888 STR8 OPTIONS: Studio 55: 218-936-8900 Free Chat Line: 712-338-8889 To go in on the "other side" at the str8 lines you just respond to prompts when they ask "Guys or Ladies" and "straight or gay" - it's press one or two which then puts you in the queue for straight men if you answer you are a straight woman.And to be a phone actor or actress is not much different then being one in person if you want to make money at it.It is a talent to be on spot and no how to pick up on and read on each person that calls in and go into role.

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And on the flip side of it, even though when you work for a pay site you can not give out any private information, I often make some great friends.

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