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About 30 to 35 students each year contact the College of Charleston’s victim services office to report a sexual assault.At the University of South Carolina, the numbers are even higher — as many as 62 victims report assaults to the school’s Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention office each year.Students who report sexual assaults to authorities often must endure a difficult ordeal that can include medical exams, interviews, counseling, court appearances and more.But schools, police departments, hospitals and nonprofits, such as People Against Rape, offer a range of support and advocacy services and interventions.

“Sometimes students think they did make a report, but then, when you dive deeper, you find that they talked to a counselor,” says Alison Kiss, director of an advocacy group called the Clery Center for Security on Campus.Robin La Rocque, director of the College of Charleston's victim services office, explained that her staff encourage students to take the next step and report sexual assaults to police.“We will accompany them to report, and if they don’t want to report, we will help them anyway,” La Rocque said.The college intervenes in several ways: by relocating victims of sexual assault who might feel uncomfortable in their dorm rooms or apartments; by moving students living off-campus to college grounds for 10 days at no cost and helping them find new accommodations; by providing modest financial assistance; by transferring students from classes in which their assailant also is enrolled; and even by enabling certain students to finish their degrees elsewhere if they are being stalked or otherwise harassed.Officials interviewed by The Post and Courier at the College of Charleston, the city of Charleston Police Department, the Medical University of South Carolina and rape crisis centers across the state all expressed regret that more victims didn't step forward and seek help.Nevertheless, students rarely report sexual assaults to school authorities, according to the White House report."Of the 2,380 students who indicated that they had experienced rape (out of the 25,000 surveyed), only 170 students — or 7 percent — reported the rape to school authorities," the report states.

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La Roque and her colleagues are quick to address the problem of self-blame, she said.“Well, I was drinking,” a young woman might say.

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  1. The Office of the Registrar, college office, and/or advisers have the right to determine abuse and revoke privileges for any type of registration system abuse. Students are responsible for choosing their course sections.